[Samba] "Everyone" group missing?

Todd Knauer Todd at jmtsolutions.com
Tue Feb 19 18:23:10 GMT 2002

Good to know and I can work with that.  Any reason the "Everyone" group
and "CREATOR OWNER" group only show up in my Winnt client permissions
list with the representative ICONs and not the name? i.e. Everyone shows
the little "world" ICON but does not show the text "Everyone" and the
"CREATOR OWNER" group only shows the "Paper/Hammer" ICON with no name.

I am running an NT 4 PDC and have 2.2.3a samba set up as a domain member
(security=DOMAIN) and am using winbind to get the NT user/group lists,
and ACL support on my 2.4.17 kernel on RedHat 7.2.  I used the 2.2.3a
RPM which I rebuilt using all of the standard options and the addition
of "--with-acl-support".  Everything seems to be working properly with
the exception of those two groups on the Samba server only.

That is, from the NT PDC I browse to a directory on a share on my Samba
server and look at the permissions on it.  If I click "Add" to add a
group and use the pull-down list from the NT domain/PDC I see the
Everyone and CREATOR group as they should be, but if I use the group
list from the Samba server pull-down it only shows the ICONs and not the
name for those two groups (all of the other groups show up fine).  Maybe
it's a problem with the RPM?  Or is there something I may not have
configured right on the RedHat machine itself?  The ACLs appear to be
working flawlessly other than that.

On Tue, 2002-02-19 at 10:34, Gerald Carter wrote:

    On Mon, 18 Feb 2002, Josh Konkol wrote:
    > I'm running 2.2.2, winbind, security=Domain and ACL support.
    > When I pull up Security on my w2k box I see the Everyone group appears to be 
    > there by default.  I even verified this on a new file.  When I remove the 
    > Everyone group and click on Apply, the group is already put back with NO 
    > permissions.  
    > My guess is that is by design.
    Yes.  It is by design.  We have to do this due to how the NT ACL 
    maps onto a POSIX ACL internally.
    cheers, jerry
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