[Samba] krb5 switch functionality

Steve Boisselle sboisselle at charlestoncounty.org
Tue Feb 19 17:38:03 GMT 2002

  I have made numerous attempts at configuring the samba 2.3.3a program
to include support for MIT Kerberos 5 v.1.2.3.  The configure -help says
that the switch to turn it on is"--with-krb5=base-dir".  I have tried
several different directories as the base-dir with no luck.  During the
coufigure, completes but the with-krb5 options is set to "no".  The only
time I have seen the with-krb5 option set to 'yes' was when I used
--with-krb5 by itself.  The problem here is that the configure fails,
config.log shows an error for not finding the -lcrypto libraries.  If
you could provide me with  somewhere to start or point me in the right
direction, I would greatly appreciate it.
Steve Boisselle
Charleston County ITS, MCSE, Net+
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