[Samba] Samba PDC and User Management with Perl scripts

thomas_tiedtke at de.schindler.com thomas_tiedtke at de.schindler.com
Tue Feb 19 17:32:05 GMT 2002

Hi Umberto,

the simply way is to make a share with use of the group (%G) substitution. A path=/groups/%G will give you /groups/<primary groupname 
of user (%U)> ... it´s work like the homes section.

A another way is a "root preexec=<shell script> %U %G ...." for the 
netlogon share to generate the netlogon scripts for the clients. This 
script must generate a client style bat or cmd file like <username>.cmd , 
which was called by the "logon script=<username>.cmd" parameter.
Like:   netlogon LOGONSERVER\<Group_Share> 
        and so on ...
The netlogon script must have CR LF at any end of a line!

I hope, it help´s!

Regards, Thomas
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