[Samba] WIN2K question

Curtis Strite (SCD Services) sccu0001 at scdservices.com
Tue Feb 19 16:03:05 GMT 2002


Hey I see your address is from Slu.edu  I used to work for Wash U in St.
Louis.  I still live in St. Louis, so it's nice to see someone from the
local area interested in samba.

Anyway, I have what you're tryign to do up and running at the office.

I had to create the local account for the machine with useradd.  For Example
lets add a windows 2000 computer named MORPHEUS

useradd -d /dev/null -g machines -c 'NT XXX' -s /bin/false MORPHEUS$

next you need to add MORPHEUS to the smbpasswd file:
smbpasswd -a -m MORPHEUS$

Now you need to make sure that root is in your smbpasswd file.  Basically
root as to be a smbpasswd user as well as a *nix account user.

if root is not in smbpasswd then add him:
smbpasswd -a root

if he's already in there.  Then just go ahead and change the password so you
know what it is:

smbpasswd root

Now here is where you go to the 2000 machine right click on my computer that
should bring up the button where you can join a network or change the
computer ID whatever it's called.  Now you can tell it to join the domain, 
Whateve your domain is.  It will as you for an authorized id and password of
someone allowed to join the domain.  That's where you just type root for id
and then whatever you password you specified at smbpasswd root on the *nix

Hope that helps.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to provide
some screen prints.

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I have scoured the archives and the How-to's and I am still having
trouble getting a Win2k to join a samba hosted domain. I have come
across different docs saying you need/do not need a root samba account
and that it needs/does not need to have the same password. I am lost as
to what I am missing. I created the machine account and added the
smbpasswd -a -m machine name. I try and add the machine to the domain
and get "user not found on domain" error. What do I need add to get the
right account to add the machine to the domain? Or can someone guide me
to a current doc that explains this? I appreciate any and all help.


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