[Samba] A little help installing on Redhat 7.1

John Benedetto jbenedet at unm.edu
Tue Feb 19 13:14:05 GMT 2002

--On Tuesday, February 19, 2002 12:02 -0800 linuxbox 
<linuxbox at micromachines.com> wrote:

> I downloaded  samba-2.2.2-20011013.i386.rpm and used "rpm -i
> samba-2.2.2-20011013.i386.rpm" to
> install on Redhat 7.1.  I got a list of "conflicts with" messages on man
> pages and samba did not install.
> Seems Samba-client- is installed already. I want this to be  a
> node in a W2K network.  Am I approaching this correctly? Should I run
> the Samba server on NT? Can anyone head me in the right direction?

Dear "linuxbox":

(You know something?  I kinda like to know someone's NAME. Let's me feel 
more like I am talking to a PERSON, ya know?)

First, UNinstall the earlier RPM's.  Most likely there are four of them. To 
know for sure, enter this:
rpm -qa | grep samba
And uninstall all of them, againg, using RPM. The default RH install puts 
(I think) four seperate RPMs, and it will be cleaner if you uninstall the 
defaults ones, before installing the new 2.2.x (oh, and you should probably 
install 2.2.3, rather than 2.2.2; if you have any problems, the first thing 
you'll probably be told is to upgrade to the latest. Oh, and the latest 
version DOES fix some bugs and whatnot).

"Should I run the Samba server on NT?" is just wrong. Samba is an 
implementation of the SMB protocol (which is kind of the native Windows 
protocol) running on a Linux, or other Un*x variant, server.  In brief, 
Samba makes your Linux server LOOK LIKE a Windows server to your Windows 
clients.  Hence, you really can't "install Samba on NT"...  NT *already* 
uses SMB, natively.

Samba is very versatile, and I would guess the most popular use is to make 
a Linux server act in place of an WinNT/W2K server.  It sounds like you 
want your Linux box to act as a client into an existing Windows 2000-served 
network.  It will do that, too (act as a member server, I think is the 
technical term), but I have no personal experience with it.

When you install the RPM, there is a host of documentation that is 
installed along with it, in the doc directory... read through it, and see 
if it addresses most of your questions.  There is an a text file that 
installed with my install of Samba, entitled "Domain_member.txt", which 
outlines your Linux server being a member of an existing NT Domain.  Not 
sure how updated that file is in the 2.2.x series install, though.  Check 
it out.

There are also a growing number of books on the market that deal with Samba 
(many of them written by members of the Samba team).

- john

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