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Thomas, Daniel J. Daniel.Thomas at jhuapl.edu
Tue Feb 19 13:05:43 GMT 2002

I put my samba source in a different directory then my samba install.  I
think it helps sort out what you are looking at.  If you download the
binaries, it should make life simpler.

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Hi again, 

I downloaded the latest version  samba-2-2-3a.tar.gz into /usr/temp/samba.
When I unzipped 
the file with the following commands: gzcat -f  samba-2-2-3a.tar.gz | tar xf
-, it unzipped 
the file into /usr/temp/samba-2.2.3a.  Should I move all of the unzipped
files and directories to 
usr/local/samba?  I just want to make sure all of the necessary files are
installed in the correct place. 

I also have another problem. When I tried to build the binaries by running
the command ./configure, 
I got the following error:  

checking whether the C compiler (gcc -O  ) works... no 
configure: error: installation or configuration problem:C compiler cannot
create executable. 

It appears from this error that our C compiler is not setup correctly on
this system.  This will be 
something that I may need to address at a later time.   If I go ahead and
download the binary 
version, should it eliminate this error? 

Jeffrey Hovis 

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