[Samba] a good way of life

Ionel GARDAIS igardais at yahoo.fr
Tue Feb 19 10:53:05 GMT 2002

Thank you all for your answers.

One told me that in order to allow the students to
upload/download from their home directories, FTP or
something like that is a simple and easy choice.

As domain logon and roaming profil is not needed and
FTP can be logged, I'll use this.

Another question for our brillants candidates :
How to batch the creation of a Samba account ?

I mean, everytime you create an account, a password is

I want the password to be generated randomly (not from
a dictionnary but various lEttER/numbers mix) and then
attributed to a user wihtout the root to enter it by
hand and to press ENTER twice.

I've tried to use the "<<" command in bash but it
didn't help me.

Any ideas ?

directly modifying the smbusers file ? I'm not aware
of the crypto algo used for this ...

Thank you,

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