[Samba] Locking Options. - ACT Database

Rashkae rashkae at wealthmap.ca
Tue Feb 19 09:21:07 GMT 2002

Oplocks should be disabled entirely on a share for multi-user database
files.  Even if there are no problems with oplock implementation, oplock
benefits only exist in single user files.

Note: Disabling oplocks should not be confused with disabling file
locking. The later is *very* important for multi-user database files....

(And even though I greatly respect those who tell us that there are no
known bugs with oplocks other than leaky networks, (ie, errors on the
physical network layer and or NIC driver bugs.) and will readilty admit
these people know *much* more than me on the subject, I personally still
do not believe it.)

On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Paul Adair wrote:

I am trying to share an ACT 2000 database on a Samba shared network drive.
Act does not currently support Samba shared networking but they do not see any reason why it should not work.

Is anyone else out there using ACT in a multi-user environment over a Samba shared drive?  If so what settings are you using for the "oplocks" and "level2 oplocks" for the share?

Thanks, Paul.

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