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Thomas, Daniel J. Daniel.Thomas at jhuapl.edu
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Well, where there is a will there is a way... assuming funding is available,
however... If this is for a school (which I know tend to have limited
budgets), you might not want to rule out FTP.  If you create a VPN solution,
you have to ensure that all the users have VPN connectivity on their home PC
and that the VPN functions correctly on the server end.  THEN you have to
make sure that Samba is configured correctly on top of that.  Although VPN
may have a high "cool" factor, it may not be practical.  FTP software is
usually simple to configure and can be downloaded and installed at home.  
Any Machine with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or high has FTP functionality
built into their browser.  If you want to standardize things, you might see
if there is some sort of educational sight license for a particular piece
FTP software such as WS FTP or Cute FTP.  This would be much simpler to
configure and use.

Remember the basic rule of Systems Development:  

Keep It Simple Stupid!


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i have set up a samba 2.2.2 as a PDC in my school LAN

I want students to be able to access their share at

is it possible to do it via a VPN ?
is it possible for them to authentify against the PDC
via the VPN ?

if not, is there a solution to this (except FTP or
NFS) ?


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