[Samba] Samba Access Control

Philip Reynolds phil at Redbrick.DCU.IE
Tue Feb 19 04:11:05 GMT 2002


I've been looking at Samba's access control, and according to the
documentation it's provides me with what I want, however, I'm not so
sure if this is the case.

Take the following scenario:

As Administrator I am in the following groups

admin_group, user_group1, user_group2

There is an administrator share:


invalid users = @user_group1, @user_group2
valid users = @admin_group
path = /export/path/to/admin/share
write list = @admin_group
writeable = yes


I want to explain the first two entries in the config.
The first one should deny any user in user_group1 or user_group2
(which it does)

For the second however, I want it to override the first, and say
anyone in admin_group should be allowed access, this doesn't work

In summary: I only want admin_group to have access to this share, by
whatever means necessary (I realise this is possible through UNIX
permissions, however I'd prefer not to do this)


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