[Samba] group policies

Gustav.Reutter at wob.ag Gustav.Reutter at wob.ag
Tue Feb 19 03:30:04 GMT 2002


when will it be possible to "see" unixgroups in the policy editor?

In Version 2.2.1a and before there were two groups, 'Domain Users' and 
'Domain Admins'.
Since 2.2.2 there is only 'Domain Admins' and another 'cryptic' group 
which is obviously what 
'Domain Users' was before.

It would be good if this part of code (I guess it has to do with 
could be fixed to get the groups from the unix server.

Another workaround for having something like 'group policies' could be a 
server sided 
user or group specific ntconfig.pol. Has anyone an idea how this could be 
I searched the whole source code for 'ntconfig.pol' without success.

thanks in advance

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