[Samba] Print dialog hangs for 5 minutes on Win XP & Samba 2.0.7

Kitzberger, Bob rlk at rational.com
Mon Feb 18 16:23:05 GMT 2002

I "upgraded" my dual-processor Dell from Win2k Pro to WinXP Pro. 
Under Win2k, I was able to print without problems from the 2k box to a
printer served by the Solaris-based Samba serve.  Under XP the print dialog
takes up to five minutes or more to even display (if I switch my default
printer to a printer that is served by a 2k box, no such delay occurs).
I couldn't find any reference to this issue in FAQs nor bug lists nor
discussion groups.
Any ideas?  Is this known?  Time to upgrade Samba?

Bob Kitzberger 
Product Manager, Rational XDE 
Practitioner Desktop Group 
Rational Software Corporation 
(503) 748-6701 

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