[Samba] how to add w2k client to server

Jianping Zhu zjp at arches.uga.edu
Mon Feb 18 14:33:03 GMT 2002

I have a linux samba sever with five W2k client( installed by previous
administrator)int the domain. I have a new W2k machine need to be join to
the domain. I did it this way 
my computer/properties/network identification/properties/ 
after get here I fill the domain name and at this moment I was ask to
privide name and password with permission to join the account.

I use the root account of my linux server but i did not work.

What is the problem and how can I add a w2k client to the samba sever.


Jianping Zhu
Department of Computer Science
Univerity of Georgia 
Athens, GA 30602

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