[Samba] Printer drivers under 2.2.2

Ben Tullis ben.tullis at infomatrix.com
Mon Feb 18 12:39:09 GMT 2002

I have a problem with printing from Windows clients to my samba PDC.

Having migrated to 2.2, I wanted to set up automatic driver downloading. I
have created the print$ share, added myself to the lpadmin group and
configured the printer drivers.

However, I have managed to add the wrong drivers for 9x clients.  Whilst W2k
clients get the right drivers automatically, and have started printing
through RPC calls, 9x clients cannot install the driver.

I have been unable to remove the driver files from the server, in order that
I should replace them with the right ones. When I view "Server Properties"
from the Printers folder of the samba server, the "remove" button is greyed

I have experimented with removing the files from under the print$ share,
with no effect.

Many thanks.

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