[Samba] Cross Subnet Browsing.

Thomas, Daniel J. Daniel.Thomas at jhuapl.edu
Mon Feb 18 10:12:13 GMT 2002

If you are setting these up on an existing NT domain architecture then make
sure you configure them to talk to the wins server but not *be* the wins
server.  The Wins communication is essential when working with cross subnet
browsing in an NT Domain.  I would recommend you make sure that domain
master = no and preferred master = no.  Let you NT servers be the master
browsers for your subnets.  I used SWAT to configure my smb.conf file.  the
help pages they link into the web page have proven to be very helpful when
configuring each option.

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I need a hand setting up cross subnet browsing.  Does anyone have some
good news group postings, or a HOWTO?

I have 2 samba servers, and 2 subnets. Each servers sits on it's own
domain/workgroup.  I think this should be much simpler than it is,
and perhaps I am just missing one or two settings.

Of the 2 servers: A, B I would like 'A' to do any serving or
hold any responsabilities.

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