[Samba] Samba help for domain user setup (samba 3.x)

David Edward Shapiro David.Edward.Shapiro at btitele.com
Mon Feb 18 06:07:23 GMT 2002

Thanks for the unfriendly response.  Appreciate it.  It must be difficult
responding to the lowly masses who ask stupid and petty questions and fail
to read all information pertaining to samba before daring to approach the
likes of you.  Someday we can join you in your grand samba tower of might...

... Anyway, I did read docs and search the list, but being new to samba, it
was not clear what area of the vast amount of data to read--in that, is it a
winbind issue, a syntax issue (i.e., quotes in the wrong place), a library
missing issue, etc.  The problem is that I could not get it to work on my
system by changing prfmstrt2 to my domain (INS). My wbinfo -u/-g returns
user and group information  I tried getent passwd, and that displays just
the users in /etc/passwd.  I suspect winbindd is not working correctly yet
because I suspect I am supposed to see domain user information with the
getent passwd command.  

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Have you read any of the documentation ??

In this case PRMFSTR2 is the Domain Name.  It's just an example.  The
is pretty straight forward.  For users you want to have Read Only access you

put them in the read list, for users you want to have Read/Write you put in 
them in the write list.  I don't know what your question is.


On Friday 15 February 2002 14:27, you wrote:
> How do I interpret what this mean?
> @"prfmstrt2+Domain Users"
> What is prfmstrt2?  Is that a group created in /etc/group?  I take it the
> is a winbind seperator.  What is the manner of assigning domain users to
> have access to a share?  Do I still need to create the domain user name in
> /etc/passwd, assign it to a group in /etc/group?  Do I need to use
> smbgroupedit to make the domain group?  This is all very confusing.  I
> would think the goal would be to set up a share, like share1 below, and
> then put something like valid users = "DOMAIN+Domain Users" without adding
> users to /etc/passwd or adding stuff to /etc/group using winbindd.  Is
> not how you do it?
> [share1]
>   comment  = "what ever"
>   path = /mnt/share1
>   create mask = 0777
>   browseable = yes
>   read list = @"prfmstr2+Domain Users"
>   valid users = @"prfmstr2+Domain Users"
> Any hint on why all my questions previously have gone unanswered would be
> helpful too.  Am I sending to the wrong group or something?
> David

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