[Samba] querying realname

Todd Knauer tknauer at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 18 05:14:03 GMT 2002

If you set up a newer version of Samba (2.2.3a), specifically "winbind"
you can do a "getent passwd" command and retrieve all users (local linux
and NT Domain users) in the same format as /etc/passwd.  This includes
the "Full Name" field from the NT domain accounts.  It would be simple
to extract the full name from a specific ID in this format. 

On Mon, 2002-02-18 at 05:31, Michael Weiser wrote:

    I need to query additional information about NT domain users (especially
    the realname) from a PDC for display in a web frontend running on a Linux
    box. But so far I've been unable to find anything within the samba suite
    that seems to be able to do that. Does anybody have a clue what I can use 
    for that purpose?

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