[Samba] simple Domain problem

Gary Pentland gp397 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 18 04:38:02 GMT 2002

Hi guys

I have set up a domain with 2.2.3a... I have followed
the HOTO and everything seems OK.  When I try to add a
W2K machine to the Domain (computer account already
manually created) I get the error "the domain
TESTDOMAIN does not exist or could not be contacted" 
This client is able to browse the domain as if it was
a workgroup though so connectivity isn't the probelm. 
The domain controller has wins support = yes and the
client is using the wins server. so that isn't the

I have an idea but cannot find it in any docs so
wanted to sound you out...

Do I have to add (join the domain) with the server
(PDC running samba) before it becomes a proper domain?
 obviously by deffinition the PDC *HAS* to be a member
of the domain.

any other ideas would be appreciated - smb.conf is
basically the same as in the latest HOWTO from the US
download site.

Many Thanks,


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