[Samba] nt4+encryption

Mats olsson mace2442 at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 17 23:41:41 GMT 2002

Hi Johan

witch version of debian are you using? and what samba. If it came packaged 
with debian it supports encrypted passwords.

If you are using encrypted passwords you have to maintain a smbpasswd file 
besides passwd. In debian it's stored in /etc/samba. For instructions on 
howto set up samba see the unix-install doc. I think that comes with the 
samba-doc package.

To check if you have it installed do dpkg -L |grep samba-doc
else it's on the first cd

>From: John Bäckstrand <sandos at home.se>
>To: <samba at lists.samba.org>
>Subject: [Samba] nt4+encryption
>Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 23:56:14 +0100
>Ive searched the net now for a couple of days, after the answer for this
>one: How do I enable encrypted passwords in samba so that nt4 sp3+ can
>access shares? ( I do not have access to the registry on those machines) Im
>using samba on debian, and I read someplace that youll have to recompile in
>support for enrypted password. I have put "enrypted passwords = yes" in
>smb.conf, doesnt seem to work. Does this mean I need to recompile? If so,
>how to recompile? Using switches to the configure script? And what switches
>if any? Has the security mode any effect on this? Im using "security =
>share" right now, is this a problem?
>John Bäckstrand
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