[Samba] nt4+encryption

John Bäckstrand sandos at home.se
Sun Feb 17 15:02:02 GMT 2002


Ive searched the net now for a couple of days, after the answer for this
one: How do I enable encrypted passwords in samba so that nt4 sp3+ can
access shares? ( I do not have access to the registry on those machines) Im
using samba on debian, and I read someplace that youll have to recompile in
support for enrypted password. I have put "enrypted passwords = yes" in
smb.conf, doesnt seem to work. Does this mean I need to recompile? If so,
how to recompile? Using switches to the configure script? And what switches
if any? Has the security mode any effect on this? Im using "security =
share" right now, is this a problem?

John Bäckstrand

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