[Samba] maybe OT: Samba + .ps2printdriver + maschine torn down

Raimund Sacherer raimund.sacherer at ngit.at
Sat Feb 16 06:53:07 GMT 2002

we have performance problems with printing with cups/samba

we use samba 2.2.1a on this (print)server (sideproblem: the
authentication to another samba 2.2.0a (file)server seems to be broken)

first the printer's print postscript and we left it to cups (or
ghostscript) to render the appropriate printerdriver. but this really
torn down the maschine.

now we have the drivers installed on the client and the printserver only
takes the raw data and pushes it to the printer. 

but the problem here is that it takes so much time for each sheet of
paper, for a 11 pages document it takes up to 5 minutes to come out.

the printer is a HP LaserJet 4000 

hope on help
best regards

Raimund Sacherer
Linux Solution Provider
email: Raimund.Sacherer at ngit.at

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