[Samba] Converting from NT DC to Samba DC?

Tom Diehl tdiehl at rogueind.com
Sat Feb 16 02:31:02 GMT 2002

Hi all,
I am in the process of setting up a test network to test samba as a DC
with the acct information stored in LDAP (2.2.3a). The ultimate goal is to 
replace the nt4 (P,B)DC we have on the network now with a samba DC. I have read about the 
uid gid scheme of uid *2+1000 = rid but I am a little confused. If I use 
pwdump to dump the existing sam database I get numbers like 1036 for the rid's.
For rids like this to fit in the formula above I would have to be using uid's
less than 100. Since uid on the *nix side less than 100 are typically admin
uids this presents a problem. If I convert to the samba scheme for mapping 
rids will the users be able to access their files on the other NT servers 
once the samba DC is in place or are we going to have MAJOR permissions problems?

If this is a problem as I suspect is there a work around for it??

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