[Samba] Samba help for domain user setup (samba 3.x)

David Edward Shapiro David.Edward.Shapiro at btitele.com
Fri Feb 15 12:36:09 GMT 2002

How do I interpret what this mean?

@"prfmstrt2+Domain Users"

What is prfmstrt2?  Is that a group created in /etc/group?  I take it the +
is a winbind seperator.  What is the manner of assigning domain users to
have access to a share?  Do I still need to create the domain user name in
/etc/passwd, assign it to a group in /etc/group?  Do I need to use
smbgroupedit to make the domain group?  This is all very confusing.  I would
think the goal would be to set up a share, like share1 below, and then put
something like valid users = "DOMAIN+Domain Users" without adding users to
/etc/passwd or adding stuff to /etc/group using winbindd.  Is that not how
you do it?

  comment  = "what ever"
  path = /mnt/share1
  create mask = 0777
  browseable = yes
  read list = @"prfmstr2+Domain Users"
  valid users = @"prfmstr2+Domain Users"

Any hint on why all my questions previously have gone unanswered would be
helpful too.  Am I sending to the wrong group or something?


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