[Samba] Samba on HPUX 10.20

System Administrator sysadmin at gfm.co.uk
Fri Feb 15 10:39:02 GMT 2002


I'm not to sure about HP-UX as we moved away from that
a couple of years ago, but it could be that /tmp is
actually swap space.

It could be this which is causing your errors.
I would first try downloading to a different file system
location.  One that you have full control over for read
and write.

This may not be your problem, but compiling under /tmp
is never a good idea, and come to think of it, /tmp
shouldn't really be used except by system processes
(if you desire stability on your system that is).

Hope that helps.


Con Harte
Systems Administrator
GFM Services Ltd.

At 17:21 15/02/02, you wrote:

>I am trying to install Samba-2.2.3a on HPUX 10.2.
>I have downloaded the tar file from the web and placed it in my /tmp
>directory on my Unix server but when I try to install it using SAM I get
>message saying there is an I/O error on the file.
>Any suggestions?  I am very very new to all this!
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