[Samba] Re: smpasswd and ldap ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Thu Feb 14 12:03:26 GMT 2002

 >If you use unix password sync and ldap as a PAM module, 
passwd should change the posix password from the password 

	Okay, I have tested it and this does seem to work, but I seem 
to have a few question, because I seem to be having problems 
when users change their password.  Let me explain ... We 
reset all passwords to a fixed password and told all the 
users to login and change them to what they wanted.  The 
first user went fine, but then next user was told that they 
had enter the wrong password and could not change their 
password.  So, I was on hand and reset both userPassword, 
and smbPasswords, at first, thinking that smbpasswd would 
change all three password I got confused. I then found that 
I could not set the users POSIX password using passwd, it 
just seemed to hang ... I found that if I deleted 
/etc/.pwd.lock it worked.  So now I changed all the 
passwords with "passwd and smbpasswd" and then got the user 
to change it in Windows, but then the next user would coming 
into the same problem. So I deleted the pwd.lock again and 
so ...

	I then started looking at the parameters in smb.conf and 
start that I was missing a few things ... so I started 
playing with different options and now I am confused and 
would like a little help ...

	With out anybody telling me to look at the source to figure 
this out, does any know which is the correct ( best ) option 
that is need to set to get userPassword and ( ntPassword & 
lmPassword ) in sync when using Samba 2.2.3a with LDAP SAM ...

Thanks for everybodies advice ...


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