Antwort: RE: [Samba] password expiration - can patch be put in a standard distribution?

Sanjiv Bawa sbawa at
Thu Feb 14 11:02:24 GMT 2002

Is it possible to put this patch into 2.2.3a in the standard distribution?
Can one of the gurus respond to this?

I could really use this and the issue seems to have come up before. How do
you set the timeout?


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I have a patch that enables "user password timeout" for 2.2.2. It works
only for WinNT, Win2000 (tested and Samba on AIX and Linux) and I think
with WinXP. It does not work with Win9x.
You can download the patch from
I never had the problem with automatically expiring password as described
in the originating message - I couldn't see this "feature" in the source I
downloaded - so be carefull.
regards MW

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> On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, William H. Lacy wrote:
>> I have samba 2.2.2 on Solaris 7 running as windows domain
>> server.  The problem is the windows2000 clients keep giving
>> users the message that their password is about to expire
>> and ask if you want to change it. No password expirations
>> have been set on the server or the local windows boxes. If
>> you cancel the message it continues to work fine.  On the
>> local machine local password maximum age policy has been
>> set to 0. Any ideas?

> Hey Bill,  It's a hardcoded value in the source.  :-(  Easy
> to fix. Or you can try adding a 'X' to the user's smbpasswd
> entry (replace one of the spaces).

Hi Gerald,

Was this just an oversight?  Or is there some reason this can't be an
smb.conf configurable option?  I definitely want to be able to force my
users to change their password, but would like the flexibility of being
to change it without having to change the source and recompile.

Is this gonna be possible in the near future?



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