[Samba] Samba, NIS and Winbind

Christian Barth barth at cck.uni-kl.de
Thu Feb 14 09:58:02 GMT 2002

> I'm going to install Samba as file server on a local networl with a NT 4
> domain; before choosing i have to clear some ideas:
> Samba need users account and the same account must be known to linux, too?

> but, always i have to define users on linux,too?
> To define users on linux i can manually insert them in /etc/passwd or i can
> use NIS as source in the nsswitch to obtain account from the NT domain.
samba can get it's account information from NIS. With NT services for 
unix you should be able to use your NT PDC as NIS server.

> To define users on samba how can i do?
Do you mean the account information which is in /etc/passwd in the 
simpelst case or the password for samba?

> 1) using security = domain...but in this case i always have to define users
> even on linux
Yes. But You do not need to set the password for samba, it comes form 
the PDC.

> 2) using winbind as source in nsswitch but in this case should i define
> users in lunix anyways? or not?
No, with winbind you get all information from the PDC. No linux users 

> 3) if i use NIS as source in the nsswitch users are shared between linux and
> nt.....but, also samba can obtain account informations thru NIS accessing
> nsswitch?
See above, samba can obtein account information thru NIS. But I 
wouldn't use NT as NIS server just to get the user info for a samba 
file server. I would use winbind for this. Not only because you have 
to pay for a NT NIS server. windind is much more strait forward! 


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