[Samba] Samba, NIS and Winbind

L/\le mannini at email.it
Thu Feb 14 09:40:47 GMT 2002

I'm going to install Samba as file server on a local networl with a NT 4
domain; before choosing i have to clear some ideas:

Samba need users account and the same account must be known to linux, too?
but, always i have to define users on linux,too?

To define users on linux i can manually insert them in /etc/passwd or i can
use NIS as source in the nsswitch to obtain account from the NT domain.

To define users on samba how can i do?
1) using security = domain...but in this case i always have to define users
even on linux
2) using winbind as source in nsswitch but in this case should i define
users in lunix anyways? or not?
3) if i use NIS as source in the nsswitch users are shared between linux and
nt.....but, also samba can obtain account informations thru NIS accessing



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