[Samba] Small Files/Load Average Information

Noel Kelly nkelly at tarsus.co.uk
Thu Feb 14 03:52:02 GMT 2002

Thanks Yan - but the trouble with these accounts people is that the spool
files cannot be deleted until they are happy they have everything on hard
copy so unfortuantely that is why it must remain a manual process.

But I appreciate your help - thanks again.


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Noel Kelly wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been noticing some serious load averages occurring when users are
> browsing or using directories with a large number of files.
> A case in point is our Sage users.  Sage is a nasty program and spits out
> three small files into a spool directory every time something is printed
> does not clear them out.  This means that the spool directories rapidly
> with tiny files and by the end of the month there might be upwards of
> files in each spool directory.

I can't tell you how to solve the problem, but I can tell you how to fix
the symptoms.  We have a similar problem with other software.  It likes
to leaves work files around that quickly gobble up disk space.  I just
run a find -mtime +3 -exec rm -f {}; .  That finds all files that have
not been touched in three days and deletes them.  That line above will
do exactly that, so please man find if you have not used find.  It's a
bit tricky, and my script is set up to use three business days (it
ignores Sat/Sun).


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