[Samba] Need help with seeing samba server in Win98

Jill Van Zelfden jvanzelfden at abog.org
Wed Feb 13 13:29:25 GMT 2002

Our office is trying to set up a samba server.  But, we are having some
difficulty with the installation.  We have tried numerous things to no
avail.  I think we are getting closer to a solution, but I am unsure of
where to go beyond this point.

Our configuration is:
Red Hat 7.2
IP address:
Samba Server: 2.2.1a
Samba Server Name: SAMBASERVER
Workgroup Name: ABOGEXAM
etc/hosts file contains:
    localhost.localdomain     localhost

The samba server appears to be working on the server side as it passes the
"smbclient -L localhost" test.  However, it does not appear to work on the
Win98 side.

The client side configuration is:
Windows 98
IP address:
Computer name: station2  (we skip station1 for now due to it running

We found a document located at
http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/DIAGNOSIS.html that gives information on
testing the samba server connections.  Going through each step we get the
following results:
Step 1: no errors reported
Step 2:
         From the server: "ping station2" gives proper response
         From station2: "ping sambaserver" gives "Unknown Host SAMBASERVER"
                        "ping" gives proper response

Based on the reference document, we are gathering that the Win98 computer is
not set up properly.  However, the Win98 computer has the following: the DNS
and Wins server both point to, have share level access, Client
for Microsoft Networks, File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks,
Browse Master disabled, LM Announce = No.

If anyone can help us, it would be greatly appreciated.

Jill Van Zelfden

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