[Samba] Mapping / UNC question

Kerns, Mike mike.kerns at boeing.com
Wed Feb 13 12:56:05 GMT 2002


I have a developer that would like to be able to have access to a share on a
UNIX server running Samba where he can use UNCs embedded in VB code on a
win2k client to access files on the share.  No problem, easily done.

He also wants users to _NOT_ be able to use the Windows Explorer to map the
drive and gain access that way.  He wants only for his embedded UNCs to
access the share.

If you cut off one you cut off both, don't you?  Has anyone done anything
like this?  I've been through the man pages and the
Eckstein/Collier-Brown/Kelly O'Reilly book to no avail.



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