[Samba] password expiration

William H. Lacy lacywil at vetmed.auburn.edu
Wed Feb 13 11:50:07 GMT 2002

I have samba 2.2.2 on Solaris 7 running as windows domain server.  The
problem is the windows2000 clients keep giving users the message that
their password is about to expire and ask if you want to change it. No
password expirations have been set on the server or the local windows
boxes. If you cancel the message it continues to work fine. On the local
machine local password maximum age policy has been set to 0. Any ideas?

William H. Lacy
System Administrator                        www.vetmed.auburn.edu/~lacywil
Computer Group                                   lacywil at vetmed.auburn.edu
Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine             (334)844-3705

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