[Samba] 2.2.3a - join domain with w2k

jpulz at frm2.tu-muenchen.de jpulz at frm2.tu-muenchen.de
Wed Feb 13 09:35:17 GMT 2002

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sorry for the cross-post, but i didn't know if the samba list is enough
for this problem.

i have a problem to join the domain with a win 2000 client.
i compiled a samba-2.2.3a with traditional smbpasswd support, to keep my
old smbpasswd file with around 300 users and 250 trusted machine accounts.

everything works fine, but i can't join the domain.
at first, i got the error message: unable to open passdb, so i added the
user root to the smbpasswd file. looks not good to me, but for trying, i
can live with that.
now the client told me, that he has joined the domain, but if i reboot, he
told me that the trusted machine account is unavailable or disabled..
i decided to take a closer look on the smbpasswd-file.
everytime i try to join the domain, the smbpasswd file is getting a new
timestamp, but nothing is changed in there. the selfgenerated trusted
machine account entry hasn't changed. so i looked in the logfile and i
found this error message:
[2002/02/13 18:10:27, 0] rpc_server/srv_samr.c:api_samr_set_userinfo(670)
  api_samr_set_userinfo: Unable to unmarshall SAMR_Q_SET_USERINFO.

what's going wrong there?? is this a misconfiguration, or a communication
problem between the win 2000 client and the samba server??
i found nothing in the samba doc's or FAQ's..

anybody out there with an idea to solve this problem?
if anyone needs more debug messages of the smbd, then i can make some


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