[Samba] Login scripts

Bill Clifford wlclifford at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 13 07:55:06 GMT 2002


            I have a Samba (2.2.1a) server with several Win98 clients.
I have set login scripts to %U.bat.  For usernames and hence login
script files less than 8 characters, the login works great.  When the
username is greater than 8 characters, Windows displays an endless error
list "Cannot access C:\windows\<mangled uppercase file name>".  At
first, I fiddled with the membership and modifiers of the netlogon
directory on the server.  This didn't help.  I added create mask and
directory mask entries for the netlogon share without success.  When I
removed these entries, the long filename bat files worked well.  After
rebooting the server, I am back to the problem.  What needs to be done
to successfully (and reliably) use login scripts for user names longer
than 8 characters?



William L. Clifford, M.D., CCFP


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