PATCH: Saving Document Defaults... [was Re: [Samba] Differences in printer functionality between 2.2.2 and 2.2.3a? PANIC Internal error]

christoph.beyer at christoph.beyer at
Wed Feb 13 06:45:08 GMT 2002

Hi Gerald,

thanks for the patch, everything looks fine now, except for the HP 4100 PS
driver which has a huge list of 'printer characteristics' at the bottom of
the 'document defaults' those don't get saved. I downgraded up till 2.2.0
it didn't work in any of the earlier releases, though I found some
preconfigured 4100 drivers in my database, so it should have worked
sometimes, well it's probably a specific driver problem...

I recognized while downgrading that the performance really improved,
thanks a lot !!!!

Two more questions, if you don't mind:

 Is there any way to get the SAMBA server to announce the printer in the
'add-printer-wizzard' like the NT boxes do (the SAMBA server only shows
the printer after doubleclicking the icon)? Is something like an
additional announcement versus the masterbrowser necessary to get the same
behaviour, or can I achieve it with an already implemented browsing
option(played around with those but didn't get it)?

I'm using LPRng (various versions) and often deleting jobs under NT
doesn't succeed at the first try, the job just gets renamed in the NT
queuewindow (from the documents name to the tempfilename e.g.
'smbprn.2524') the next deleting request then succeeds Is it a
name-mapping problem (the 'lprm' does not get executed at the first try)?

thank you for spending your time on our problems :-)

take care

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, Gerald Carter wrote:

> On Tue, 12 Feb 2002 christoph.beyer at wrote:
> > hi,
> >
> > I experience exactly the same problem, and eaven changing the document
> > defaults does not work. I played around with all possible acl options but
> > it didn't solve the problem...
> Christoph,
> This patch should fix things up for you.  At least the bug with saving
> document defaults.
> chau, jerry
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