[Samba] Authentificating against a NT4 PDC / Domain

D.Beutler at kh-sindelfingen.de D.Beutler at kh-sindelfingen.de
Wed Feb 13 01:19:04 GMT 2002


i have a problem with setting up samba so it redirect authorization
requests to our NT4 Primary Domain Controller.
I am using SuSELinux 7.3 with Samba 2.2.1a. I am very confused, because
almost the same (only workstation name changed, of course) configuration
file workes very fine on an other Samba 2.0 Server.

The problem is, that if I connect to a samba share on a WinNT4 SP5 Client,
always the "Username and Password" Dialog rises, and it accepts no NT
Domain Account (not those listed under valid users).

Here is me smb.conf with some comments.
Maybe someone can make a suggest, did I miss something or has something
relevant changed from V.2.0 to V.2.2.1a ?
> [global]
>   workgroup=DCSIFI                    (Out NT Domain)
>   netbios name=SRVINTA                (That should be the workstation
names,corespond with DNS name)
>   security=DOMAIN                     (Authentificating against NT PDC)
>   encrypt passwords=YES               (COmmunicating with NT SP5)
>   password server=SRVBDC              (Out Primary Domain Controller)
>   keepalive=30
>   os level=2
>   wins server=     (OUR WINS  Server)
> [c$]
>   path=/
>   valid users=NTAdmin, install   (valid NT Users in the Domain [with FULL
Domain Administrator privileges])
>   force user=root                (I do not need handle seperate right, I
just want that above NT Admin accounts)
>                                  (have "root" privileges on my Linux
machine. I also tried to force to other unix)
>                                  (users, because some FTP Servers etc. do
not allow to connect as "root")
>   writeable=YES
I have made a machine account on the PDC via NT ServerManager, and executed
smbpasswd -j DCSIFI, which succeeded
Or are there any additional steps neccessary ?

With Regards,
 Daniel Beutler

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