[Samba] Transferring encrypted jpegs creates hangers-on.

ard at waikato.ac.nz ard at waikato.ac.nz
Tue Feb 12 17:47:05 GMT 2002

Hello learned Samba folks.  I have a Windows user who sees the following
behaviour when he transfers encrypted JPEGs from his Win2K box to my
Samba 2.2.3a server:

Size  Name
----- --------------------------------------------------------
61013 PIC0010.jpg
 7872 PIC0010.jpg:zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:$DATA
    0 PIC0010.jpg:{yyyyyyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyyyyyyyyyy}:$DATA

37750 PIC0012.jpg
 6256 PIC0012.jpg:zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:$DATA
    0 PIC0012.jpg:{yyyyyyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyyyyyyyyyy}:$DATA

"z" is character code 5, CTRL-E.
The string of "x"s is the same for both files.
The string of "y"s is the same for both files.

For every encrypted jpeg that he transfers, three files appear on the

The contents of the .jpg files are as you'd expect: pictures of car
engines.  They're identical to the originals on his client.

The first 48 bytes of the two ":\005xxxx...:$DATA" files are identical
but contain no magic, and the remainders don't provide any more clues.

The third pair of files are, as you can see, empty.

I'm not using any code pages.  "mangled names" is its default "yes".

Files of other types transfer without a problem.  He's sent Word
documents, text files, and GIFs.  Unencrypted JPEGs, and JPEGs with the
compression bit set (but not the encryption bit set) also transfer

It's all very odd.  Where did the extra two files come from?  Is there a
way to stop it?

Many thanks in advance!

Andrew Donkin                  Waikato University, Hamilton,  New Zealand

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