[Samba] MS Lan Manager 2.2 connection [repost]

Chris exe at satx.rr.com
Tue Feb 12 17:13:02 GMT 2002

My first post seems to have gotten lost in the mix:

I cant seem to figure out if Lan Manager 2 for DOS is fully supported by 
Samba.  I can not get my DOS Lan Manager 2.0 clients to attach to the 
shares on Samba server version 2.1 & 2.2.  The clients attach to NT 4 & 
Windows 2000 servers just fine....  Has this behavior been seen before ? 
(am I going to get laughed at because I am still using Lan Manager 2.0 ;) - 
I have my reasons..... <grumble>

When sniffing the connection hand shake, the Samba server sends a 
"Malformed Request" to the Lan Manager client every time - resulting in an 
authentication failure message on the Lan Manager client.  The same 
handshake between an NT or 2000 server machine and the Lan Manager client 
works fine.  A notable difference in packet structure can be observed.  It 
appears, from first glance, that the protocol code on the Samba server is 
using a data structure that has type short in the structure.  Furthermore, 
Im guessing that Windows handles the short / byte ordering properly, while 
the *NIX & Samba combination end up zero padding the short to the nearest 
word or double word boundary thereby corrupting the authentication data packet.

This problem only occurs when using Lan Manager version 2.0 (ie 2.2b, 2.2c 
- shipped with NT 3.51).  The MS Client 3.0 works fine with Samba (Lan 
Manager version 2.1 & 3.0 shipped with NT 4 and later)

Is this a known problem / limitation ?
Has this been addressed / fixed and if so, in which version of Samba ?
Is there a samba.conf configuration option(s) that can be set to work 
around this ?

I have found an undesirable work around - add the Samba sever to a domain 
that is a MS Windows based PDC.  Im guessing that the Windows PDC uses a 
higher protocol/encryption level to communicate to the Samba server while 
authenticating the Lan Manager client than the raw client connection.

Thanks in advance,
c maier.

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