[Samba] Mac to PC via Samba

H. Patz hpatz at alertcorp.com
Tue Feb 12 05:57:05 GMT 2002

I'm just a beginner to Samba and hope that you may offer me some help.

I want to link together a Mac Titanium powerbook running OSX to a PC 
running Win 2000.

I am under the impression you can do this by connecting them 
physically via their ethernet ports. (client to client)

I am also under the impression that using "Option K" from the Mac 
desktop allows you to type in a syntax (smb://.......) that will let 
you see the PC's shared folders. The most frustrating part is that 
both machines successfully 'ping' the other but whenever I type in 
the syntax, I always get a 'sorry, no such address found.

Does this only work with OSX server or can it be done as a 'client to 
client' (peer to peer) relationship?


H. Patz

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