[Samba] Re: smbmnt problem ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Tue Feb 12 01:02:03 GMT 2002

Thanks for your suggestions ....

 > Do you have a directory under /mnt sqlscala? If not, that 
 > could be youre
 > problem.

	I have the mount points ... thanks.

	Okay, I think I am going to download the rpm's made by the 
Samba team and see if that makes a difference, because I am 
sure that the Samba Team have tested this on RedHat 7.2.

		And I know I am doing this right, because with RH's rpm 
samba*-2.2.1a.rpms which ship with RedHAt 7.2, I was able to 
mount these mounts that I have ( three of them ). So, either 
my package, which I made of a clean full install of RedHat 
7.2 with all the update rpm's from their ftp site added on 
before the compile.  I have also tried another box, which 
has the same problems. So, I am going to do the download of 
Samba Team's rpm and come back to everybody.

	Thanks again for the advice.

 >> mount -t smbfs -o username=sqlbackup,password=sqlbackup
 >> //SQLSCALA/sqlbackup$ /mnt/sqlscala
 >> And I get the following error ...
 >> execvp of smbmnt failed. Error was No such file or 
 >> failed: 1


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