[Samba] local linux groups and winbindd dies

Doug Aldridge doug at aldridge.net
Mon Feb 11 13:43:05 GMT 2002

I have Samba 2.2.3a and Winbind running with an NT 4.0 PDC and seems to be
working great with the exception of 1 or 2 problems.

1) I can assign NT global group ownership to a file or directory and
everything works fine. However, when I assign local linux group ownership to
the file or directory, add the NT domain global group to the local linux
group then I lose my rights to the file or directory. getent passwd and
getent group list both local and domain users and groups, however, wbinfo -u
and -g list only NT domain users and groups.

2) My winbindd daemon crashes about once per day. It stays resident in
memory but stops working. If I kill it and rerun it then all is well again.

Any help would sure be appreciated.


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