[Samba] Mac OS X problems with win98 client

Eric R. Benoit ebenoit at hopevale.com
Mon Feb 11 09:19:06 GMT 2002

Can not connect to Mac OS X accounts using user/password from win98 machine.
Client side (win98)gives no way to enter user ...so I enter "user,password" for
the logon and I receive errors. When I set permissions as a free for all their
are no problems encountered. I am using password encryption. I know this is
short ...just really looking for better doumentation. I talked with apple and
they (hinted) that I might need a DNS server ...which doesn't make sense to me
since I can see the Mac OS X server in network neighborhood.Three of us are
frustrated with this. We've doubled checked and double checked again our
configuration. Also went through numerous docs on-line. ...if any one has a
smb.conf for either a Mac OS X or BSD. that works with win98 client, I would
love to take a peek at it to verify my sanity. 

Thank You for your time and efforts,
Eric R. Benoit

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