[Samba] Re: IP/server name change

John Dalton jldalton at lucent.com
Mon Feb 11 07:41:56 GMT 2002

Suppose I am moving the samba to one server to another, say VIPER 

In smb.conf I change the 'netbios name = VIPER' to JOKER
and I also want the old name to be seen as well. To do this
I create a netbios aliases = VIPER.

I then stop and start samba, but the aliases is not working.

Is this because the IP address of VIPER is still on the old
server and being used?

Does the aliases name have to be a valid systmen name or can it
be any made up name? I did this as a made up name and it did not work.


> John
> In theory you don't have to do anything beyond stop/start, however:
> If you want the new name to be used by Samba as well make sure that "netbios name = " reflects the new name
> You may want to put the old name in "netbios aliases =" to allow people to connect under the old name
> You may have the old IP address in "interfaces = ", in which case change it.
> If you use WINS and DNS then things should be pretty straight forwards.  On the otherhand if you use hosts/lmhosts files then good luck finding them all and getting them up to date !
> Cheers
> Jon Gerdes
> >>> John Dalton <jldalton at lucent.com> 23/08/2001 15:57:14 >>>
> WE have samba running on a solaris 6
> sun box and are changing the name and IP
> address of the machine.
> What do we need to
> modify in the config file to get samba
> to work with the new ip and server name?
> Thanks
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