Fabrizio Celli fabrizio.celli at istruzione.it
Mon Feb 11 05:24:15 GMT 2002

Sorry if my question confused the issues.
Anyway, I have a machine that joined my samba domain and now I want that 
nobody can continue to logon from that machine (It can happen sometimes) 
I tried to disable the machine with the command:
smbpasswd -d MACHINENAME$d
I still log on
So I tried to delete the machine from the smbpasswd and the passwd:
smbpasswd -x MACHINENAME$
I still log on
Thanx for any suggestion

> To remove the account just confuses issues, what you want is to disable
> it  with the following command :
>smbpasswd -d MACHINENAME$
> This afaik should disable logons to the domain.
> At 10:29 AM 2/11/02 -0100, Fabrizio Celli wrote:
>>Hi everybody,
>>I installed samba-2.2.3a on a Red Hat 7.2 and I succesfully joined the
>>samba domain with some w2k clients.
>>I need to remove a machine account from the domain in order to deny the
>>access to the domain to a particular client.
>>I tried removing the machine entry from the smbpasswd and the
>>/etc/passwd but I continue logging on without any problem.
>>What's wrong ?
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