[Samba] Redundant WINS?

Yan Seiner yan at cardinalengineering.com
Sun Feb 10 03:31:10 GMT 2002

Andrew Bartlett wrote:


> > 2) Has anyone a solution for the WINS/WINS-R records and bind?
> You can do it for 'normal' names with the 'wins hook' and 'dns proxy'
> paramaters.  My personal solution is DHCP+dynamic DNS and nmbd running
> 'dns proxy = yes'.

Do you have an example of this?  I am running DHCP, DDNS, and nmbd on
the same box (all latest or near-latest versions) and I experiencing
periodic "dysfunction" - wins lookups fail, DDNS updates fail, etc.  It
seems to be focused on two particular machines - one a win95OSR2 and one
a win98 box, so I'm guessing it's a config issue rather than a software
bug issue.


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