[Samba] Voluntary Windows password change

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Sun Feb 10 03:00:23 GMT 2002

Sanjiv Bawa wrote:
> How does a user voluntarily change a password with Windows and Samba? Can
> this even be done.
> Someone mentioned that a password expiration has to be done at the PAM layer
> which is fine. But if I cause the expiration, how does the user get informed
> and then change the password?

Not very well at present - depending on how they connect.  Currently
only the NT/Win2k domain logons return meaningful errors to the
clients.  (They get this after they attempt a login at the Ctrl-Alt-Del

> I want to implement regular password expiration and also first use password
> expiration.

If you can get PAM to spit out the errors then that should work -
otherwise look at what we have in HEAD, where this is *much* saner.

Andrew Bartlett

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