[Samba] can't delet files with special characters

René Nieuwenhuizen R.Nieuwenhuizen at cpb.nl
Sat Feb 9 14:05:03 GMT 2002


For some time I had the problem that files with special characters couldn't
be deleted on a samba share. That was no problem as long as I told my users
not to create dirs/files with special characters.

But now where trying to switch to windows2000 clients and the boxes seem to
have a mind of there own on creating dirs/files with special characters from
time to time and that becomes a problem.

Current setup:

samba-2.2.3a (with recycle-bin patches from Brandon Stone)
windows2000 with SP2

    client code page = 850
    character set = ISO8859-1

This should do the trick or wouldn't it?

René Nieuwenhuizen
CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis

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