[Samba] logging - problems

pilsl at goldfisch.at pilsl at goldfisch.at
Fri Feb 8 17:20:03 GMT 2002

samba 2.2.2

I've some troubles accessing special shares and so I tried to turn on
debugging but I seem to be to stupid to get any debugginginformation

first I tried to start nmbd/smbd -Dd 300 but I didnt get any
information in my samba-log.client Then I added debuglevel = 300 to my
smb.conf and also "debug level" but it didnt help.
 I tried different levels from 1-10, I restarted samba many times, I
even recompiled with --enable-debug option but I just dont get any
debugging information...

The only thing that is changing when turning on debug is the content
of log.smbd when starting smbd. In this log there is some information
about smb.conf then, but I need to know which files are accessed/not
found ...

thnx for any hint,

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