[Samba] Linux not seeing Windows Files

Urban Widmark urban at teststation.com
Fri Feb 8 16:58:04 GMT 2002

On 8 Feb 2002, Michael L. Gauley wrote:

> smbfs: failed to load nls 'iso8859-1' 

That's harmless.

> I did some packet sniffing and saw nothing unusual, just a bunch of
> directory information queries.

Which filenames are returned in the "bunch"?

Check the correct directory contents vs the names you can see in the
responses. See if all the names are included or not. Start by checking if 
one of the missing names from the listing is included in the responses.

And yes, you probably want to make a script to verify all names, if you
only can trigger this with 8000 entries.

> Could this be some incombatability between Win2K and samba?

Yes. Or rather with smbfs.


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