[Samba] Linux not seeing Windows Files

Michael L. Gauley mgauley at vtc.edu
Fri Feb 8 16:41:07 GMT 2002

I am currently runnning 2.4.17 on a Mandrake8.2(beta) machine.
There was an error 
smbfs: failed to load nls 'iso8859-1' 
but I recompiled, adding support, and no longer get that error.
As far as I can see, that was the only error reported. There are no
other errors reported in messages or in the samba logs.
I did some packet sniffing and saw nothing unusual, just a bunch of
directory information queries.
Could this be some incombatability between Win2K and samba?


On Fri, 2002-02-08 at 16:56, Urban Widmark wrote:
> On 4 Feb 2002, Michael L. Gauley wrote:
> > This works and I can see files, but I can only see 4000 or so out of
> > 8000+ 
> > The client is running Mandrake8.1 with samba 2.2.2 and the server is
> > Windows2000 Pro. 
> kernel version?
> Any error messages from the kernel? (dmesg, any smb_ related output)
> Any pattern to which filenames are missing?
> A network trace of the traffic generated by your ls command could perhaps
> say if this is an error caused by a communication breakdown. Or it could
> show that the server is returning all the entries and that this is an
> internal smbfs error.
> Ethereal is very nice for looking at SMB traffic, www.ethereal.com, you
> want version 0.9.0 or later. It presents the packets in a way that does 
> not require intimate knowledge on SMB to understand.
> I have received a few similar reports before, but I have nothing that
> indicates what is happening. It's not as simple as smbfs being unable to
> list dirs larger than 4000 entries.
> /Urban

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